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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Idaho Road Trip - Saturday 3-16

Saturday's adventures included a tribute to the days when over-the-road trucking paid our bills. We stopped at the Iowa 80, "the biggest truck stop in the country."

This is only a small portion of the amount of trucks that were there.

Even has a theater and dentist

See that beautiful mural that looks like the back wall of the store?

It's actually painted on the side of a semi trailer parked in the store.

We made it across Illinois and into Indiana and are staying in Warsaw, planning to worship tomorrow with our sister church in Larwill, pastored by Nate Harlan with the support of his sweet wife, Coleen.

Then it's back to our home sweet home in the afternoon.

It has been a wonderful adventure and we're so thankful to God for His protection, for sights and experiences we hadn't had before, for a new daughter in the family, for a very happy son, for a new generation to build family for God, for good foods, for good times of getting along well as a family despite being in close quarters for almost three weeks, and for being able to look forward to getting home. We certainly don't deserve all His goodness but He keeps piling it on.

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