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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Idaho Road Trip - Sunday 3-10

Sunday was the day we had to bid sad farewells to Mom, Aunt Barb, Celia, Del, and Gayle as they flew home. We had already said good-bye to Don and Glenna. I'm so thankful they were able to come and they said they really enjoyed the wedding.

We we blessed to be able to worship with our brothers and sisters at Trinity Refomed Church pastored by Peter Leithart and Toby Sumpter. Their liturgy was quite different from ours, but was well written out so we could follow easily. Pastor Leithart preached a very thought-provoking sermon on Isaiah 52 and surrounding passages.

We were again blessed when John and Beth Peterson and their six young children (ages 10 1/2 years down to 10 1/2 months) invited the 10 of us and the Wrights for dinner. What a delightful family! Their children were polite, friendly, and cheerfully helpful. We had a nice time talking and learning more about the community in which our kids live. And we were so blessed by their hospitality. The church has just started this new ministry of families signing up to provide hospitality to visitors in turn. From this side of the table, we're happy they've done that.

In the afternoon, Most of our group went to see the 3D movie, Oz, with some new Moscow friends while I napped and read (as the resident party-pooper, I guess) and then we had a delightful pizza supper with them and the Martens. I was especially happy to get to visit more with Kayleen and Vic Martens, Claire's parents. Good day.

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