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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Idaho Road Trip - Sunday 4:00 a.m. Random Thoughts

Enabled by insomnia and fueled by the Mexican dinner that isn't sitting well, I present some random thoughts.

Always take pictures of little girls dancing, especially when the lighting is just right.
Your children may make different lifestyle and ministry choices than the one in which they were raised. As long as they're following God's laws and His leading, that's just fine. After all, we're not to raise our children in our image, but to help raise them in Christ's image. And I think Phil and I have helped to do that.
Diversity within the Christian family is good. We are sharpened and challenged and even smoothed out when we rub shoulders with Christians who are a little different than we are.
Christ-like love is "scandalous," as Pastor Toby Sumpter said during the wedding. It is not like the word "love" which the world uses, but is sacrificial. It is counter cultural; it doesn't push self or selfish desires. The whole homily (sermon) was soooo good and is something I hope to read over regularly as a reminder. He said he would post it soon on his blog, but the only wedding sermon I find there right now is a different one. The sermon from Daniel and Claire's wedding is well worth the wait and the search. I'm going to check back again in a day or two.
Drive-thru coffee shops in little tiny buildings and even in a small Silverstream camper trailer are fun and should be on almost every corner as they are here. I wonder if that would work in little Hesperia.
I don't feel old enough to have a married child. Most of the time.
While I miss my Michigan trees, this area has its own brand of beauty, too. We have a mighty, diversified, wonderful Creator.
Phil and I have blessings galore -
godly, loving families,
friends who care,
words of praise heard about our son and his new wife and how they've already helped each other grow,
the knowledge that Daniel and Claire are settling in a good place and having good work and ministry and accountability,
the ability to make this adventurous road trip and more road trip to come as we head home,
five lovely daughters to keep us occupied for awhile yet,
and the gift of thankful spirits which only comes from
the Giver of All Good Things.



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