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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Idaho Road Trip - Wedding Day Saturday part 2

What a glorious day! The wedding was beautiful. It was a wonderful celebration of two lives united in Christ and in love as well as a lovely picture/reminder of the way Christ loves his bride.
Sarah played the piano piece "Through the Eyes of Love" while the bridal party and flower girls and ringbearer went up the aisle. Phil's sister had played that as part of our wedding, so we've kind of got a tradition started.
Hannah and Grace were bridesmaids.
Grace got to learn a new dance and caught on just as it was ending.

Ruth got to have a special dance with her brother.

Faith enjoyed getting to know some new people and dancing around, too.
Claire and her dad did the father/daughter dance till Mrs. Martens let Daniel know it was time to cut in.

Phil and I even made an effort at dancing and didn't do too badly.
Phil had made all the wine for the reception and I heard rave reviews. He had a variety, including peach, blueberry, strawberry, and cherry port
The four Mrs. Southwells who were there.
We were thankful that Phil's brother, Don, and his wife, Glenna, as well as Phil's brother, Del, and his wife, Gayle made it.

Aunt Barb and Mom made it, too.
The sublime
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Southwell
The ridiculous 



  1. Love the picture at the end. ;) Looks like a lovely wedding!

  2. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding! Love the last two photos :) xxx

    1. It was a truly beautiful wedding. If you get a chance to read the "homily" by Pastor Sumpter, do so. I'm thinking it's something I should reread every anniversary with my Lovey.


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