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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Idaho Road Trip - Wednesday 3-13

From Idaho, we slipped into the corner of Utah on Wednesday.

Of course we saw a Mormon Temple in the city of Brigham, but didn't get far enough south to see THE Mormon Tabernacle. Seeing this gave us an opportunity to discuss Mormonism a little and to realize that we need to do a little more studying on their beliefs.

We also saw a lot of interesting rock formations along the road.

Hannah snuck up on me just as I was taking a picture of a junkyard out in the middle of nowhere.

See the "U" on the side of the mountain?
Just into Wyoming we got out to explore Fort Bridger, which had been both a trading post  set up by mountain man, Jim Bridger, and a military outpost in the late 1800's.

Despite the 68 degree weather, there was still a good thick chunk of ice across the river,

so of course Phil and Hannah had to jump on it to see if they could break through. They made a good crack through a spot upstream, but couldn't dent this spot.

Though the buildings were closed for the winter, we were able to walk around the military parade grounds, seeing roped off areas where the officers' quarters as well as the enlisted men's barracks had been. There were two rebuilt officers' quarters as well as the commanding officer's house which was later used as a hotel.

Yes, I took a picture of the outhouse; I figured it would go well with Faith's chamber pot pictures.

 On the edge of the military grounds was Jim Bridger's old trading post.

Then we hit the road again and got to see some very flat land surrounded by mountains and covered with blue skies dotted with unusual "pancake" clouds.

There were more unusual rock formations,

a chance to drive through a mountain,

and knitting projects and stuffed toys for more entertainment.

We spent the night in Rawlins, Wyoming.

I had to admire the tight organization of the housecleaning staff's cart. They've even got the vacuum cleaner hanging from it.

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