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Saturday, March 2, 2013

I've decided to revive this blog at least temporarily and privately for family and friends to follow along on our road trip to Daniel and Claire's wedding since not everybody is on Facebook and we can't do as detailed "reports" on Facebook. So, if you're interested in coming along with us in the comfort of your chair, relax and read on.

We left home Thursday morning heading down to the Chicago area to Phil's brother's home.

It's cozy in our Yukon with seven of us, luggage for a three week trip, and 12 cases of homemade wedding wine, but we're doing pretty well.

We made it to Don's place by early evening and got to visit awhile with Glenna. 

We then had a nice supper at Portillo's (a special hotdog and other foods place in the Chicago area) with their son, Steve, and his wife and son, Delaney, and Eli.

As always, these country folk were enchanted with Uncle Don and Aunt Glenna's very large and beautiful home. We're blessed that they enjoy ministering through hospitality.


After supper, Delaney went to visit her sister, so Steve and Eli came over to visit awhile. Since I've again not been sleeping well, I conked out kinda early, but nobody really stayed up late since our bodies are still set on Michigan time. 

Here are some photos of other interesting sights along the way. We have nine cameras among the seven of us, so we're constantly getting some shot or other. You'll be inundated with pictures on here, no doubt. :)
In Holland, Michigan

One of the great photographers in Holland

A restaurant near Don's house

This barn has remained steadfast in the midst of city growing around it and we've cheered it on every time we've come to visit. The fields around it have shrunk into strip malls, but it's still here. Huzzuh.

Well, that's enough for this post. Next post will be about our explorations of Shedd Aquarium. 

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