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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Road Trip - Friday

Friday morning dawned sunny and beautiful. Some of our Michigan friends, Andy, Tim, and Alisa Wright were here, having come in Thursday afternoon and gotten to be part of the bachelor party that evening. So, we happily took them to breakfast at Bucer's Coffee Shop and Pub.

Then we wandered around the old down town a little, showing them significant spots, like the building being remodeled for Canon Press, which is where Daniel works.
Next on the agenda was a little playground time.

Then it was off to the church to rehearse for the big event.
Sarah will be playing the processional for the bridesmaids. She's playing "Through the Eyes of Love" which Phil's sister, Kay, playing for our wedding.

The girls got to help with a bit of the decorating.

Lovely couple, aren't they?

After the rehearsal, we dashed back to the motel to meet Mom, Aunt Barb, and Celia (Aunt Barb's travelling companion and Grace's best friend). Del and Gayle had kindly driven them from the Spokane Airport.
Then it was off to the rehearsal dinner at a nice Mexican place and back to the motel to collapse. Daniel had given Phil and me letters of gratitude and love as our gifts at the dinner and we got a chance to read them and get weepy. I won't tell you who did the most weepying.
Busy, active day, but short report. 

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