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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Road Trip - Shedd Aquarium

Friday's adventures started out with driving through the big city of Chicago, looking for Uncle Don's office. A little confusion resulted in us getting to see quite a bit of the underside of downtown. We didn't realize that there was quite a road system under the city, so this was a new adventure for us.

We also enjoyed seeing a couple of round buildings, the tops of which seem to be apartments and the lower parts of which sees to be parking garages.

After our explorations, inadvertant or purposeful, we came to Shedd Aquarium, which was the planned adventure for the day.

The first thing we did at Shedd was to watch the 4D movie on ocean life and our planet. We think we all rocked the 3D glasses. What do you think?

It was a really cool movie, complete with mist, squirting water during the wavy scenes, getting poked in the back of the seat when the shark attacked, and vibrating seat during motion on the movie. I think Faith had the most interesting reactions.

She also was the most excited about the beluga whale and dolphin show, though we all enjoyed it a lot.

We also did a lot of exploring throughout the exhibits. I especially enjoyed the Philippine coral reef section.

The jellies were fascinating

It was fun to have fish swimming over us.

Sarah in front of some coral sculpture

True to character, Hannah found a little kid to help figure something out.

So, how's this for interesting ceiling decor?
Once again, I'm amazed at our Creator's creativity, imagination, variety, humor, and beauty, though I still don't understand why the anaconda that we saw in the Amazon river valley area. Ruth enjoyed getting to see it, though. I'm also very thankful that we now have the resources to be able to give the girls some more broadening experiences and learning opportunities. 

That evening we got to enjoy a family-style Chinese dinner with Glenna, Delaney, and little Eli. Later that evening Don got home from his business trip, so we got to visit with him a little while, too. We'll get to visit with them a little more at the wedding, too.

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