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Friday, March 8, 2013

Road Trip - Thursday

Thursday started out very happily for me as my son took me out to breakfast and we had some excellent and endearing talking time. I got to tell him again how proud and happy I am of who he is and what he's doing and that I'm glad God has blessed him with a lady who loves the Lord and loves him. And it's only two days till their wedding!

Meanwhile, Phil took the girls out for breakfast and then we all met at a laundromat and had the thrill of doing about six loads of laundry. Fortunately, there were lots of machines, so we could do them all at once and got done pretty quickly. So now we have seen a sight in Moscow that we'd never seen before.

After enjoying a lunch with Daniel (Claire was with her family), we drove around the hills a little and then we had the fun of giving them a little more wedding gift. Yes, folks, Daniel's clunkety car, Ophelia, is to be retired (possibly exploded for a movie scene) and they'll have something nicer to drive on their honeymoon and thereafter.

That leak is just overfilled windshield cleaning fluid.

While Phil, Hannah, and Ruth went to Spokane Airport to get friends from Michigan, Grace, Sarah, Faith, and I took a nice long walk from our motel to downtown Moscow. Of course we had to stop in at the coffee shop, Bucer's, and then strolled on through town, stopping at a little playground and the Salvation Army store before heading on back to the motel to get there just a few minutes before the others did.
Now the men are off to the bachelor's party while we girls took Alisa on a quick tour of the town, stopping at Jamm's, the frozen yogurt bar for our "supper."

Well, it's been nice visiting with you for awhile while the girls watch a DVD we brought. Tomorrow afternoon is the rehearsal. Mom, Aunt Barb, and other family members begin arriving, and we get to enjoy the rehearsal dinner. It's an exciting time around here!




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