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Monday, March 4, 2013

Road Trip to Idaho - Sunday

Not so many pictures today because most of the activity was at church. We were blessed to get to worship with our brothers and sisters in Minnetonka, MN, under the shepherding of Jeff Evans, who we got to know a little when he was a pastor in MI. After the worship service, which was both similar and different from our home church, we happily enjoyed fellowship with them over a shared meal. Right after worship, they have a quick head of household meeting while the women set up the meal, so Phil joined that while we went on down to the fellowship hall. They were just starting a children's choir, led by one of the young wives (who went to NSA) and Faith got to join in on their practice time, just for fun. They were singing one of the Steve Green children's songs that she knows.

I like how they have a shared meal every Sunday with a different theme each week. This week was "Brunch" so we enjoyed some good quiche, breakfast casseroles, jalapeno bacon, yogurt, granola, etc. They've also had a Mexican theme and Italian.

As they prepared to have the children's catechism class, we said our good-byes and headed on down the road.

One of the first things we had noticed when we got into the car was that we had not heeded Aunt Glenna's reminder to bring Fitzgerald in every night and poor Fitzy has met his demise already. Note Grace's sympathy.
Faith has requested that we lay him to rest at Mt. Rushmore, so we shall endeavor to do that.

The scenery of western Minnesota is nothing to write home about, as you can see.

It got kinda exciting when we saw some pink pavement, which doesn't show too pink in the picture.

So we were happy to arrive in Brookings, SD (which is where "Pa" Ingalls rode to stake his homesteading claim). The hotel was comfortable, though no pool. So we brought KFC in & watched most of the second Sherlock Holmes while delighting in our supper.

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