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Friday, March 15, 2013

Road Trip to Idaho - Thursday 3-14

A couple of days ago I had downloaded some geography, spelling, word association, and math games onto my Kindle, so that's how Faith started off Thursday's travels. She enjoys this spelling game.

Most of this day was spent in Wyoming, though we got into Nebraska in the afternoon.

This shot is especially interesting as we were going for the balancing rock on the right and ended up making it look like it's balancing on the hood of a car which is on top of a semi.

About mid-day we stopped in Cheyenne, which was (and still is) quite a hub of the railroads. This spired building is the depot museum which we toured.

Faith got to feel how hard it is to make the wheels go around.

Not surprisingly, Sarah found the telegrapher's equipment. Her grandfathers would be proud. (Grandpa Payton worked on the railroad in Illinois and Granddad Southwell was a communications guy on planes in WWII.


But the crowning feature for us was the model railway in an upstairs room. It had been built over the course of 30 years by a man in his trailer home and then donated to the museum. The man had climbed the mountains of Colorado to take pictures of the narrow gauge railroad that wound throughout, from mining town to mining town, and then with those photos and history books, he had replicated the towns and mountains.

It was so detailed and amazing!

They also had a separate set-up with which children could play, so Ruthie did.

Then some tested out an old waiting bench so we knew what Laura had sat on while she waited for a train ride.

The map of the railroads on the floor was cool, as is Grace.

Back on the road again, the entertainment was making yarn dolls.

Grace lends Faith a hand.

The night was spent in Gothenburg, Nebraska, which smells remarkably like dog poop. But there is a Sod House Museum, a Pony Express Station, and a hotel with a pool and a baby grand piano, so it's not all bad.


  1. I used to love making those yarn dolls! xxx

    1. We ended up with quite a collection!


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