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Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Musings - "Worthless Things"

Much water has passed under the bridge since I blogged about the passage in Psalm 101 about setting no worthless things before our eyes and it's been busy water. But now I get to revisit the idea of those "worthless things."

Here are some ideas of what those things could be:

  • Flat-out sinful stuff - ie. pornography, anti-God stuff, things that expressly disobey God's commands, things that don't follow Philippians 4:8-9.
  • Stuff that disobeys God's commands and retards our growth and our fellowship with fellow believers - ie. gossip, slander, nursing our frustrations or hurts.
  • Useless time wasters - ie. things that waste time better spent on other things, like too much time at hobbies, computer games, TV or movies. These things may all be fine for some relaxation and merriment, but too much becomes foolishness.
  • Silly or disagreeable or discourteous stuff - ie. the belching and farting stuff that has become commonplace; crass, if not offensive, language; constant silly talk and actions; flirtatiousness.
I'll leave it to each of us to come up with examples of these things that might be found in our own lives and may God help us to be discerning and disciplined.

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