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Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Art Classes

We are so blessed in our area to have a place like The Artsplace where the kids can go for art lessons during the summer. Generous donors provide a grant so that the 4-day classes/week are only $12 or $15. I'm so thankful for these opportunities because it enables us to learn things that we wouldn't ordinarily get to learn.

They offer such classes as Batik, which two of my girls took this time...

...and sculpture...

...and printmaking.

I'm not sure how she could see to do her artwork with the hair in her eyes, but she did.

To occupy ourselves in the mornings, while the Princess and Roo took their Batik class, the Peanut and I had fun shopping, painting pottery...

...and swimming at the nearby lake with friends.

Soon I'll show you some pictures of the coffee shop where I spent a couple of afternoons while all three had their classes.

HMJ SUMMER logo landscape

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer "School" & Projects

It's too beautiful of a day to stay in the house, so while Lovey takes some of the girls to music lessons, car shopping, and checking into a volunteering opportunity, Princess, and Peanut, and I are doing summer "school" outside. It's a rough life.

Chai tea, lattes, water, cherry pie, and kitten antics accompany our reading, spelling, penmanship, and drawing while also enjoying the new fountain garden.

I also want to show you some of the sewing projects I've been working on.

I really love all the color and movement and fun in this little baby quilt. I cut the pieces for this quite a while ago while cleaning up scraps. As I was cutting, I also made up another kit of this in pinks. So I get to work on another one of these as I wish. I'll probably put this one in my "granny hope chest" for a future grandbaby. Not sure yet how or when it will be quilted since quilting money is being used for wedding and graduation quilts these days.

 Speaking of graduation quilts, this one is a little late at getting done for my niece, but all I have to do now is the binding and label. I like the swirly quilting to go with the kinda wild purplish blocks.

Another quick and fun project lately has been making some pillowcases. Precious likes to sleep with lots of pillows all around her and she doesn't have enough pillowcases to complete her two sets of sheets. So I've been having fun making these quick projects. Yes, the purple, swirly, wild stuff is left over from the above quilt.

And after the studies are done, we relax to write the Great American Novel, play a few Ipod games, and blog.

Hope your day is beautiful!

Addendum: I just discovered the Christmas Quilt-along, so will be linking up there and hopefully joining in next month.

Needle, Thread, Happiness

Friday, July 5, 2013

God Bless America

We sing and we pray that God will bless America. What do we mean by that? What do we hope and expect God to do for our country? Is there hope for the downward, ungodly spiral to end?

Of course, our country's course of endorsing sinfulness and ignoring and despising God's commands can be changed. But it must start with individual hearts being repentant. Individual hearts humbling themselves before God, repenting, and committing to follow his laws in love for Him.

 Then the laws of the land will reflect the hearts of the repentant people.

Yes, we pray for this change of individuals, but we also pray for changes in the laws of the land and a return to the constitution. 

We uphold our country and honor those to whom honor is due without worshiping our flag or holding our constitution as almost as "inspired" as the Bible.

 And so we gathered yesterday to pray for our country and give thanks for the freedoms we do still have. And we played and visited and ate and drank to the glory of God.

We had a children's parade, guided by Hannah, led by Sarah playing "When the Saints Come Marching In," and kept somewhat on beat by Jon on his bodhran.

Aunt Barb, weeding to the beat of the music.

More music-making happened along with volleyball and kickball croquet.
I even kept up on a few bluegrass pieces on my neglected guitar. Grace was good on the guitar, as usual, and Sarah kept up with the mandolin till she brought the trumpet out. Ruth even played her fiddle on two pieces.

A little jazz of "When the Saints Come Marching In" with trumpet, guitar, & violin. Nice stuff!
Of course there was time to discuss a little theology with some friends who had questions. And there were water balloon fights. And there were sloppy joes, potato salad, pasta, cakes decorated to look like flags with strawberries and blueberries, homemade wine, lemonade, and other good stuff.

Here are a few snapshots of a general nature.
The antique doorknob leads to Wonderland.
Sloppy Joe chef


Another Sloppy Joe chef

Set-up crew

Decoration tester
Supervisor and word game printer
Homemade good-smelling essential oil bug repellent 

Relaxing and visiting

Oh, the camera is here! Suck in the gut, straighten up, and get muscular.

Ric-rac + a cute star button = cute shirt for cute girl.

And we ended up with being able to see great fireworks from the lake area while sitting in our back yard, setting off fun fireworks of our own.

Life is good.