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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Family Reunion

We're so blessed to have a God-honoring bunch of people for relatives! This past weekend we got to fellowship with my husband's side of the family in the beautiful northern woods.
Canoe built by Granddad on new lake owned by uncle.
Some of us tried tennis for the first time, reminding me of how poorly my sister and I used to try to play against my brother, an expert. More laughter happened than actual tennis.

Rope swings over water are such fun, especially when shared with a cousin.

Life is rough in these circumstances.

Blackberry picking at our old favorite spots.

First time to run a 5k.

Gleaning berries and philosophizing in the berry patch.

Loving on babies on the old family land.

Admiring the new bridge to Evelyn Island on Granddad's lake.

Recovering from the 5k with donuts and coffee in cousin's remodeled house.

Enjoying the wildlife which tied itself in a knot.
Shooting "skeet" (clay pigeons).

More baby loving and fellowship.
The next morning we got to worship with family and were exhorted to dig deeply into God's Word through a sermon on Psalm 19 and then enjoyed pizza with our nephew and his kids.

Again, we're so blessed!

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