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Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Musings - Sabbath Second Dinner

I've just got to tell you about something we came up with Saturday night and hope to continue to do 'most every Saturday.

You see, we like to have a nice dinner as a kind of start to our "Sabbath." Then we keep Saturday evening as an evening at home, kind of preparing for Sunday's worship time.

Well, I'm not sure how the brain-storming started, but we came up with an idea for a second "dinner" of literature. Here's a picture of the menu:

So, here's how it all worked out in detail:
Appetizer - Faith's recitation was of our week's Bible memory work:  Colossians 1:13-14.
Aperitif - Ruth read three Shel Silverstein poems.
Soup - Grace read "The Clicking of Cuthbert" by P.G. Wodehouse (very funny!).
Salad - I read "Footsteps of Angels" by H.W. Longfellow.
Fish - since we were running low on time, Hannah is going to read us a Father Brown mystery by G.K. Chesterton tomorrow afternoon.
Entree - Sarah read us W. Churchill's speech made in June of 1940 to inspire England to fight to the end and in all places and ways.
Dessert - Lovey read the book of Jonah.
Digestive - Lovey prayed for us all and for our upcoming morning of worship.

We had some popcorn and tea and then during the "salad" course, Lovey served up some ice cream. I plan next week to make something nice like scones, or a new treat, to make it an extra special time. I'm so excited about this idea, most of which was Hannah's, and hope we can stick with it. Maybe we'll get some friends to join us sometimes.

Do you have any Saturday evening traditions?

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