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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nature Scavenger Hunt

This afternoon, Sarah was struck with a great idea. After she recovered, she printed up the idea that had struck her:  a list for a nature scavenger hunt.

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to cavort about in the great outdoors till after a late supper, so toward the end of our hunt it was getting a little dark. But we persevered and were able to find everything on our list. Team Faith and Sarah found their stuff just a little before Team Ruth and Mom, but they helped us find the last few things on our list.
Then we came in and sorted it all out and showed it all to those who were party-poopers and didn't participate. Heh.

It was a nice time of getting outside together and enjoying the cooler fall evening.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's Been Happening?

Isn't this sky amazing?!
This school year is probably our busiest as we're being involved in more things away from home than ever before and we're ramping up the amount of writing we're doing in our studies, which, of course, means more time involved.

So, there hasn't been much time for blogging. Not that blogging is a necessity. It's mostly something I do for fun. But let me do a little catching up now.

Since our history studies are in the Reformation & Renaissance era, Ruthie asked if we could do our writing by candle light one day. When I said that would be ok, she lit a bunch of them, as you can see. That was a fun day. I've taken the notebooking pages that go with our Truthquest History book and had them spiral bound so we could easily write a page on whatever we're reading about. So far, the girls have really enjoyed doing their writing. Faith is doing the "Binder Builder" notebook, which is a collection of lap books put into a 3-ring binder. I'll show these projects as they progress.

Last Saturday we had quite an eventful and exciting day. After the morning's hunting and bagging of a six-point buck, the younger three got to enjoy the free youth flying held at our little local airport. Sarah & Ruth had gotten to do it two years ago, but Faith hadn't been old enough.

 Faith was actually kinda strutting here, though she might not look like it. They enjoyed spotting places they knew in the area as well as a "castle" that can be rented for gatherings. I think it goes for only $3,000 for the weekend. Ha.

Later that evening, most of us went the the street festival at which Grace had been working all day. We got there in plenty of time to witness the Open Mic Contest.
 After wiping the raininess off the keyboard, Grace played a wondrous rendition of a medley of pieces from the Pirates of the Caribbean. She did the best she's ever done it, I think.

Yes, she won the $100 first prize!

And then we went home to celebrate the day with a deer cake, of slightly different design than usual.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to Home School

Well, we've mostly started school again, with the providential science lesson of our monarch butterfly "hatching" out of the chrysalis. Roo had found the caterpillar on a milkweed leaf and we'd kept it in a jar with lots of holes in the lid. It was fed milkweed leaves and it did what caterpillars do best - eat and poop. After a day or two, it climbed up onto the lid, spun a little grip, and hung there for awhile till it split and turned into a rather pretty green chrysalis.

It turns out that the chrysalis isn't green; it's clear, as we noticed when it turned orange and black just before it split open to let the butterfly out.
We enjoyed watching the butterfly's abdomen shrink and the floppy wings look a little more "starched" over a couple of hours' time.

We've collected caterpillars for a gazillion years now and it's always fascinating to me to see how God makes this wonderful metamorphosis. It makes me think of the verse that says that if we are in Christ, we are a new creature - we have metamorphosized into a new creature in Him.

Another fun thing about our new school year is that I figured out how to make very useable and simple assignment books/planners for the three youngest. Here's how they look:

 I had made the assignment sheets in Excel and printed up a bunch of copies. We miss some days of studying for music or speech or other studies or doctor visits and sometimes we do some studies on Saturday, so it's hard to estimate how many pages to make, but I made about 120 pages. I may change that next year.

Then I took the stacks of papers to Staples and had them cut them in half, laminate the covers, and comb-bind them. I had thought to have them spiral bound, but said the wrong word. Oh, well. They work just fine anyhow. And it all didn't cost very much at all. It was about $23 for all three.

So, I'm going to make a teacher's planner for me. Quite a few forms and beautiful covers can be found here:
tina's dynamic homeschool, but I think I'll still make my own personalized forms. They're not as fancy as hers, but they meet my needs better. And hopefully I'll remember to say "spiral binding" for mine.

How's the start of your school year going?