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Friday, November 8, 2013

Hello, Again!

It's a cool fall morning and I feel like writing, so here I come again. We've had so much rain lately, but not as much as friends and family are having in the Philippines. Please pray for them. Our former pastor and his family are pastoring a church in Tacloban, one of the hardest hit cities. I haven't had word on them yet.

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Here's one of the activities which have kept me from blogging for a long time:

We're blessed to be able to celebrate the Reformation with our church family every year and this year was no exception.

Let's rock this Reformation Day party!

This year our Reformation Day party was focusing on the Celtic Christians who were actually prereformational in a way. We had a renaissance market place where we sold handcrafted items, the proceeds from which are going to help a local family with medical financing. (Thumbing our noses at Obamacare.)
Part of the marketplace

There were highland-type games because the men and boys didn't have enough bruises and broken fingers.

There were some crafts to enjoy doing.

We had a somewhat confused dance, but all had fun anyhow.

And, of course there was food. Good food.

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  1. Love the crafts... especially love the kraft paper on the tables with the writing on them. Great idea! Thank you for sharing and linking up!

    1. The writing on the table papers was done by our pastor's wife. She wrote out the words to St. Patrick's breastplate. Also, do you recognize some people in those pictures - people who used to live down near you, but now live in Michigan?


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