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Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Adventures - Friday

Before I get into Friday's doings, let me show you the pictures from Wednesday that I left at the apartment but have back now.

The front desk of the Canon Press office is made of books. Boring old trade books, but books nonetheless. I like it. Sarah does, too.

And it's become a tradition to get some pictures at this fountain, now dried up for the winter. This is in the old downtown part of Moscow, right across from New Saint Andrews College.

The very proud Papa. Yesterday he had to work eight hours instead of the 4-6 that he'd been doing. He said it was grueling. He missed his boy.
 They are so confident in John's manhood that they let him wear pink socks. We might have to help those socks get lost in the laundry. :)

Ok. Now we're on to Friday's adventures.

Since we were all feeling a lot better and were getting rather stir crazy from hanging at the hotel so much, we decided to venture forth to Pullman for lunch and shopping. Lunch was at a nice Italian fast food place named something like Basilia. 

Good food...

pretty atmosphere with big murals on walls...

and interesting bathroom walls. Yes, I take pictures of bathroom walls.

I wonder who Grace is texting.
And, because I am who I am, I took pictures of the rail of a little bridge going over a rivulet along the downtown area of Pullman. See if you can piece together the whole quote from A.A. Milne.

Then we had to walk across an old railroad bridge and because we're Southwells, some of us had to do so unconventionally.

Note the sunshine. We do not have this in our part of the country at this time of the year. We're soaking it up.

I've just got to show you this piece of furniture that we saw in a consignment shop. It was on hold, selling for over $2,000, otherwise I would have figured out a way to put it in my suitcase and fit it in my smallish house, I'm sure.

 I don't know what such a monstrosity would be called, but it's a bunch of drawers rather like the old library card catalogs. Too cool.

After a bit of shopping about, some of us went back to the hotel to generate strength for dinner out with Dan's family while the rest of us drove around awhile in the relatively treeless, yet beautiful in its own way, countryside.
 It's hard to picture how massive and rolling the hills are here.

Look what greeted us in the alley near the Japanese restaurant where we intended to have supper. I just hope they hadn't been diners there.

 As we waited for a table of thirteen at a very busy restaurant, we got to visit a little with Claire's parents as they had arrived that day and were getting to know John, too.

After standing quite in the way of the servers for close to half an hour (there was no other place to stand), waiting for a table and watching emptying tables being given to others, we decided to pack it in and go to a Mexican restaurant instead.

 Little John did very nicely in a wrap sling sort of thing that had come onto the scene since I was carrying babies around all the time.

It was a nice end to a nice day. We did have to postpone the proposed Axis and Allies battle because one of the main players, Hannah, was feeling feverish again. Maybe tomorrow.

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