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Friday, January 17, 2014

Sickness Strikes - Wednesday

Well, we haven't been doing too much visiting with Johnny because almost all of us have some kind of flu. Great big sigh!

Fortunately, it only seems to last a little over a day, so those who haven't yet gotten it or those who are over it have been over to their apartment for little visits. On Wednesday, some of us did some cleaning and laundry for them, so we felt useful.

Yesterday was Grace's 18th birthday, so we were happy that she felt well enough by then to go out to lunch with her brother. They had a nice time together and then went back to the apartment to love on the baby a little.

Then last night all of us but Phil, who just came down with the fever, headache, sore throat thing, went to their apartment to enjoy birthday tiramisu that Claire had made. It was wonderful and she was kind enough to have written up the recipe for us.

So, we've been occasionally taking dips in the pool and jacuzzi (that feels great on my still sore back) and watching lots of the food network - so much so that even the most avid watchers are sick of it.

Some of us popped in to Canon Press on Wednesday to see the new set-up. They were just rebuilding an old auto body shop building when we were here in March. It's quite nice looking inside, but they haven't made any changes to the outside yet and it still looks like a body shop. I think they're waiting on finances. So buy lots of stuff from Canon so they can do that and give Daniel a raise. :)

We were just in time to see a Christian rapper named Propaganda getting out of an interview session with Doug Wilson. I think Dan said that interview can be found on Canon Wired on the Canon website. I'm not sure if you'd have to wait a day or two till it's up there. So we got to say hi to Pastor Doug, too, and Phil got to ask him some book questions.

Well, I had hoped to pop some pictures into this post, too, but I left my camera at their apartment last night. So I'll just fill the next post with pictures, hopefully.

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