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Monday, January 20, 2014

To You and to Your Children - Sunday

Sunday we were privileged to get to worship with our brothers and sisters at Trinity Reformed Church under the elderships of Toby Sumpter and Joshua Appel and others. The sermon was appropriately about the fatherhood of God and how that extends into our bringing up our children as His children also, trusting in Him to bring them to faithful relationships with Him.

It was a joy to have John Payton baptized into the covenant family of God, trusting God to use John's parents, grandparents and other relatives, church body and friends to help him to come to a realization of his own personal sin and need for faith in Jesus for eternal and daily salvation.

 We thought we'd get weepy. In fact Daniel had predicted that "the moms will get appropriately teary, but Dad will probably have an episode." I was surprised that we didn't, but were filled with a joy that our little guy is acknowledged and supported by this body of believers and with the knowledge that our kids will be blessed by and be a blessing to this church. God is so good to us!

Then we headed back to the hotel where Claire's mom had arranged to have Qdoba cater in a taco buffet, and Claire's sister-in-law (who also lives here) brought a corn salad, and Claire and my girls had made chocolate cupcakes. It was a delightful lunch, though John got a little impatient for his at one point.

Then we sang a few songs of praise and doxology. It's nice to sing with trained singers who can just go at it, parts and all. Unfortunately, one of the features of this flu we've had is croaky voices. So some of us sang more quietly than we'd have liked to, but that was assuredly a blessing to the rest. :)

He has strong kicky legs, as Hannah discovered.

Daniel thinks the upraised hands means he wants to be a boxer or a rapper. I'm going with choir director.

Claire's cousin's family was there also and included a toddler who brought entertainment and liveliness for our girls.

It was quite a party.

Then after clean-up, it was off to naps, TV, swimming, reading and finally, a light supper at Red Bento, the Japanese restaurant where we'd tried to go the night before.

Service was still not good, though our server did his best to make things nice for us, including turning off the TV when we requested it. The food was wonderful! What a difference the real crab in the sushi makes versus the fake stuff we use at home! Their tea is particularly tasty, too.

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