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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monday's Doin's

Well, Sarah now has a "first day at school" picture (with blur of someone dashing in at the last minute in background).

She, Phil, and I sat in on Mr. Nate Wilson's Rhetoric class where we gleaned much about presenting gospel truth to naysayers, got to hear the annual "Fools Lost on the Mountain" speech because every year a group of freshmen get lost on Moscow Mountain and this year's bout had just happened the past weekend complete with ambulance, listened to some critiques of Orthodoxy by G.K.Chesterson, and learned what stasis is. Ask Sarah.

Then it was off to A & W for lunch, a quick clean-up of Claire's kitchen, and then a drive in the country while we waited to meet Daniel at Jamms Frozen Yogurt while Claire and Johnny went to choir practice. He was happy in his wrap-thingy. And he knows how to sing from the Messiah.

I just have to show you this onesie I bought. :)

We decided to do pizza in their apartment for supper over a well-fought game of Axis and Allies.

And we got to enjoy getting to know Claire and Johnny a little more.

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