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Saturday, April 4, 2015

April Goal - Calendar Wallhanging

Ok. I've got my April goal already.

Several years ago I started this project with the idea of helping my kids learn the months of the year as well as the seasons. (One of the joys of homeschooling - you get to combine interests.)

It's a wall-hanging with buttons at the bottom on which to hang each month's block as the months change. The season blocks are colored with crayon and then ironed to set. The April block features embroidery and hand-quilting of an umbrella (April showers), large raindrops, and a flower quilted in aqua quilting thread.

And...(wait for it) I hoped to do each month-block different, learning new techniques as I went along so that I would have a small project on which to practice. Or at least showcasing different fiber arts.

So, this is what I have done so far:

The May block is a machine-felted piece of wool sweater with a flower my daughter had needle-felted and letters cut from another machine-felted sweater. The March block was an orphan block that needed lovin' with a large pearl button sewn in the middle.

January's block is embroidery as is February, but the colors are different. :)

So, my goal for April is three-fold:
               1. Finish the January block - batting, binding, button-holes
               2. Finish the April block - binding, button-holes
               3. Find a good place to hang the whole shebang.
I also hope to spend some time thinking through and planning the rest of the months.

Happy stitching!
Happy Resurrection Day! He is risen!

Wedding Quilt Finished

Though I've not blogged about it (because I just haven't blogged lately), my recent goal has been finishing this queen-sized quilt for a wedding gift. Just this week it came back from the quilter and I was able to do the binding during family reading times since Sarah has been doing the read-aloud lately.

So I'm happy to report both my goal and my finish in the same blog post. :) 

I will, however, come up with another goal soon to keep moving forward and to participate in A Lovely Year of Finishes.